Renovation ridge tiles

Standaardvorsten - Kroon Keramiek

Our bespoke offer ridges tiles includes many types and colours to match old models from the past.
We custom match clay type, colour and original production method to get the best possible result.

Ridge tiles:
- Halfround ridge interlocking tiles (Coutrai Belgium - Sterreberg, Pottelberg, Kurstjens, Deester, D&G, etc.)
- Halfround ridge tile (Model D&G)
- Halfround hip tile (several makes)
- Halfround ridge tile non interlocking (many glazed colours)
- Angled ridge tiles, 90, 105, 115, 125 angles 
- Third round ridge tile (several sizes and makes)
- Crested angled ridge tile 
- Grooved ridge tiles with fleur de lys

Please contact us if you are not able to find the one you are looking for we replicate ridge tiles to your specification.