From concept to final inspection

Kroon Keramiek goes much further than just supplying the required components. We like to propose constructive ideas from start or finish, thus helping to make your building project successful. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of authentic materials and historical objects, we are able to offer sound advice from the very first phase. We are thus also pleased to make on-site visits for inspections, so the possibilities and opportunities can be identified in good time. How much material do you need? Which is the most suitable material? Once our calculations have been carried out, you will know exactly where you stand from the outset of your project.

If an object is no longer available, or restoration appears not to be feasible, then we will manufacture the materials you require. We will start by producing samples, in order to get a feel for the original appearance. We
will then present the samples to you. The production process will only be started after your approval.

Once we obtain the correct materials, the building project can really get started. During the building process, you should feel free to contact us for updates. Once the final roof tile, brick or floor tile has been placed, we
will perform a final inspection, in consultation with you, to ensure the result meets your expectations.